Here you will find all the best Bark Butter products to stop the itch. From licking paws, yeasty toes and irritated coats. 

For dogs that are always licking there paws, itching, and yeasty toes we highly recommend the Repair Balm and Soap Bar. Start with a weekly wash using the soap and a nightly dose of the balm in and around the paws / between the toes. This balm can also be used anywhere on the dog that needs it from the legs, belly rash , ear infections and nose folds. And it's safe to lick. 

Stop those full body itching sessions ,  we recommend the Soap bar and weekly washing to start, following that up when the coat is dry using the All Day Spritzer. You can also use this spritzer on the bed, blankets and car. Give the coat a good full body spray. 

The Soap bar minis are designed for smaller dogs and hands. 

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Soap Bar
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Repair Balm
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Soap Bar Minis
Sensitive Sniffer
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