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Want to qualify for 25% OFF + 1 x 50g Bonus BALM on your next order? Simply follow the 7 steps below!

1. Take out your smartphone & record a 20-30 second POV video of you either washing your dog with our products or applying products on them.

2. Click here & visit Wetransfer

3. Click upload files & select the video you recorded

4. Email to: 

5. IMPORTANT: Enter the SAME email address you used when ordering from us

6. For "enter title” you can put in your Pup’s name

7. Click “Transfer”

Voila! That’s it! Upon receiving your video our team will reply with your own unique discount code for 25% OFF. Your 1 x 50g Bonus balm will be added to your next order when using the 25% OFF code. 
** By uploading your video you give us the rights to use the video across the Bark Butter social media accounts. The Bonus balm can not be shipped separately. It will only be added to your order when using the unique 25% off code. 

Example of a great customer video