Take your pooch on a summer holiday

by Bark Butter

Summer is here, and it’s time to start filling your calendar with fun excursions! These suggestions for affordable vacations with pets are intentionally vague in terms of destination. They’re the kind of trips you can take anywhere in the country, with a little creativity and a bit of planning.

What’s important to remember is that taking a vacation with a pet doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Going simple can be highly rewarding. Perhaps there is something on this list that you’ve never tried before. Make this the summer that you and your pet take the plunge and experience something new!

1. Lets go Camping - Car or tent camping is very affordable and a great way to spend a few days with your pooch. Many camping grounds around Australia are pet friendly - Find more here -  Camping in Australia 

2. Rent a camper-van. Take the home with you and rent a camper-van. 

3. AIRBNB - Check out Airbnb for pet friendly accommodation. 

4. Staycation. Don't forget your own backyard and surroundings, go on some walks, check some new parks out or just head to the beach for the day. 

5. With more pets and families traveling around Australia we have loads more Pet friendly hotel / motels that you can try. Check some out here -  Pet Friendly Hotels

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