Oils info

Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oils 

How Bark Butter uses these oils. 

We have been using these oils in our All Day Spritzer and 2 in 1 Shampoo now since 2015. Since 2015 we have never altered the recipes and to this date have never had any issues with dogs having a reaction to the oils we use. 

These oils at their purest form of 100% and undiluted applied directly to the skin can be harmful to dogs and humans. We do not recommend using these oils at home in oil burners and diffuser machines. 

Here at Bark Butter our grooming recipes have been developed by a Vet back in 2015 working closely with Fraser and Norman

In all our recipes across the Bark Butter range we only use .5% / 1% of oils in all the mixes. This is highly reduced and safer to use but still contains all the lovely benefits the oils can have on your dogs coat and skin. 

Alot of information on the internet that outlines these oils as NOT SAFE are referring to using the oils at a 100% form directly from the bottle. 

Tea tree and eucalyptus oil is great for treating skin conditions like yeast infections or hot spots. Please note : that 100% undiluted pure tea tree oil can be very harmful to pets. Our shampoo and spritzer recipes have not been altered since 2015 when we developed the range, with zero issues.